Prevention of caries – adding fluoride and teeth strengthening. Aesthetic fillings - glasyonomer, photopolymers. Treatment of diseases of the dental pulp / root canal treatment / - pulpitis, gangrene, periodontitis.

Prevention of tooth dental caries Price:

The prevention of dental caries is done with fluoridation and salinization with fluoride agents and sealants.

снимка на силанти

Glass ionomer restorations (fillings) Price: 50 lv.

Естетично ибтурации (пломби) - фотополимери
Естетично ибтурации (пломби) - фотополимери

Aesthetic restorations (fillings) – glasyonomer Price: 40 lv.

Естетични обтурации (пломби)

Endodontics (root canal) treatment Price: 40 lv.

Pulpits, gangrene, periodontitis.


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