After a free thorough examination, each patient receives an individual plan for all matters concerning the recovery of health and aesthetics of the oral cavity and tooth rows.

The price for the treatment - the patient receives accurate calculation and option opportunity (at different price range - low, medium and high price) depending on the used materials price and quality as well as on technologies, consistent with patient wants and choice.

Fear of pain - called by most patients fear of dentist” it’s one of the biggest problems for each patient, whether child or an adult healthy person.

In my observation in my current practice, after the first visit of the patient, that fear disappears.

Any anticipated pain of a particular procedure, we always offer anaesthesia to the patients, even if isn’t always necessary. Many of the manipulations run painlessly without anaesthesia. Nevertheless, when work under anaesthesia are unavoidable, in case there are no medical contraindications for this, allergies concerning issues or any other chronic diseases.

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