In this section you will find tools and methods section of therapeutic dentistry and orthopaedics, as two independent dentistry sections.

Reconstructions due to tooth crown decay, fractures (fractures), abrasion as well as partial or total teeth loss following various reasons.

This section includes dental pulp diseases, endodontic treatment (root canal treatment). These are pulpits, gangrene and periodontitis. As diagnoses their main symptom is pain which always brings the patient in dental emergency surgery.

Aesthetic photopolymer restorations (fillings) Price: 50 - 60 lv.

Естетични фотополимерни обтурации

Glass ionomer restorations (fillings) Price: 40 lv.

Глазйономерни обтурации (пломби)
Глазйономерни обтурации (пломби)

Endodontics (root canal) treatment Price: 120 lv.

Endodontic treatment includes - treatment of diseases of the dental pulp - pulpitis, gangrene, and periodontitis.

Cleaning of tartar Price: 40 - 60 lv.

The cleaning of tartar is done with an ultrasound device under local (local) anaesthesia with subsequent polishing of teeth with special fluorine-containing pastes.

Teeth whitening Price: 200 - 250 lv.

Tooth whitening is done with special equipment and whitening agents.

Избелване на зъбите

Dental crowns Price: 130 lv.

Металокерамична корона
Металокерамична корона

Ceramic crown Price: 250 - 340 lv.

Керамична корона
Керамична корона

Zirconia crowns Price: 400 lv.

снимка Циркониева корона
Циркониева корона

Ceramic veneers Price: 300 lv.

Керамични фасети
калкулация според броя импланти
калкулация според броя импланти

Dental bridging structures Price: number of teeth x unit price

Мостовидни конструкции

Complete (total) acrylic dentures Price: 250 лв.

Акрилни протези
Цели (тотални) акрилни протези

Hybrid (combined) prostheses Price: ...

Хибридни протези

Model cast denture with joints Price: prosthetic + joints, calculation

Фрез протези на стави
Моделноляти фрез протези на стави

Model cast denture with clasps Price: 560 lv.

фрез протези с куки

Valplast elastic dentures Price: 480 lv.

Valplast еластични протези

ThermoSense, elastic dentures Price: ...

Еластични протези

Crowns, bridges on dental implants Price: according to the number of teeth

Мостове върху дентални импланти
Коронки върху дентални импланти

Complete (total) prosthesis on implants Price: according to the number of implants

Цяла (тотална) протеза върху импланти


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